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5 things to know about Arctic seabirds and plastics

Seabirds play an important role in marine ecosystems and are culturally important for Arctic Indigenous Peoples. However, some Arctic seabird species are in decline due t...
10 Dec 2023

Northernmost “Plastic in a Bottle” launched to gain insight on Arctic plastic pollution

Launched at 84 degrees north, the capsule will enable the Protection of the Arctic Marine Environment to track how plastics travel in and out of Arctic waters
14 Nov 2023

Interview with Ole Kristian Bjerkemo, EPPR Chair

Ole Kristian Bjerkemo may be the newest Chair of the Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Response Working Group (EPPR), but EPPR is no stranger to him. Ole Kristian ha...
02 Nov 2023

Interview with Inga Nyhamar, SDWG Chair

People living in the Arctic are top of mind for Inga Nyhamar, the new Chair of the Arctic Council’s Sustainable Development Working Group (SDWG). While we can all admire ...
30 Oct 2023

The Arctic Council’s “clean-up crew”: An interview with ACAP Chair Patrick Huber

The Arctic Contaminants Action Program (ACAP) is welcoming back Patrick Huber from the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency for his second term as Working Group...
30 Oct 2023

Interview with Solveig Rossebø, Norway’s Senior Arctic Official

Solveig Rossebø brings a career full of Arctic and Russian experiences to her new role as Norway’s Senior Arctic Official. As Norway is chairing the Arctic Council, she i...
25 Oct 2023

Interview with Robert Sinclair, the Canadian Senior Arctic Official

Robert Sinclair comes to the role of Senior Arctic Official (SAO) with a background in legal issues, security, and human rights – as well as with a key diplomatic skill: ...
25 Oct 2023

Norwegian Chairship Launches Initiative to Address Wildland Fires in the Arctic

The Chairship Wildland Fires Initiative aims to increase circumpolar collaboration, knowledge sharing and partnership on wildland fires to tackle this urgent climate issu...
19 Oct 2023

Interview with Eric Carlson, the United States' Senior Arctic Official

Eric Carlson has close to 30 years of experience with the U.S. Foreign Service and got to know the Norwegian Arctic well when he was assigned to the U.S. Embassy in Oslo....
17 Oct 2023

Register Now: Ecosystem Based Management in a rapidly warming Arctic

The third International Conference on Ecosystem Approach to Management in Arctic Large Marine Ecosystems will take place in Tromsø, Norway, on 15-18 April 2024.
16 Oct 2023

Norwegian Chairship meets with Indigenous Permanent Participant Organizations

The meeting facilitated discussions on plans during the Norwegian Chairship of the Arctic Council (2023-2025), the status of the Arctic Council and resumption of work at ...
03 Oct 2023

Establishing the Arctic Council Indigenous Peoples’ Secretariat

Supporting the Cooperation of the Arctic Indigenous Peoples
01 Sep 2023

Secretariats within the Secretariat

The ways in which different Working Group secretariats are organized are diverse. Two out of the six Arctic Council Working Group secretariats are part of the Arctic Coun...
01 Sep 2023

Three months into the Norwegian Chairship: A status update with SAO Chair Morten Høglund

The Norwegian Chairship has been referred to as ‘probably the most important Chairship in the history of the Arctic Council’. Assuming the leadership of the intergovernme...
31 Aug 2023

Save the date: Third International Conference on Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Arctic Large Marine Ecosystems

The third International Conference on Ecosystem Approach to Management (EA) will take place in Tromsø, Norway, on 16-18 April 2024.
27 Jul 2023

Norwegian Chairship hosts first meeting with Working / Expert Group Chairs and Secretariats

From 13-15 June 2023, the Norwegian Chairship hosted a first meeting with the Chairs and Secretariats of the Council’s six Working Groups (WGs) and the Expert Group on Bl...
15 Jun 2023

Working and Expert Groups, Arctic Council SAO Chair to meet in Tromsø

The Norwegian Chairship team is hosting an in-person meeting with the Chairs and Executive Secretaries of the six Working Groups and the Expert Group on Black Carbon and ...
05 Jun 2023

The secretariat question – and its long-winded answer

The story of how the Arctic Council got a standing secretariat.
01 Jun 2023

Two special internships

The Arctic Council Secretariat (ACS) has been offering internships to students and early career professionals for the past decade. Kiira Keski-Nirva, one of the first int...
01 Jun 2023

Q&A with Morten Høglund, the new Chair of the Senior Arctic Officials

An update on the Arctic Council and ambitions during the Norwegian Chairship
15 May 2023