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The Arctic Wildland Fire Ecology Mapping and Monitoring Project (ArcticFIRE)

Improving our understanding of Arctic fires and reducing the threat

Resiliency in the face of fire: How northern forests adapt to wildfire

At first glance, the story of wildfires and trees appears to be one of destruction. However, trees and forests have adapted in incredible ways to live with, and re-grow a...
24 Jul 2024

Norwegian Chairship Launches Initiative to Address Wildland Fires in the Arctic

The Chairship Wildland Fires Initiative aims to increase circumpolar collaboration, knowledge sharing and partnership on wildland fires to tackle this urgent climate issu...
19 Oct 2023

A new format to strengthen Arctic wildland fire cooperation

The Arctic Wildland Fire Sharing Circle brought together diverse voices to share projects, tools and research to start new conversations and build networks to tackle Arct...
01 Mar 2022
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