Projects are at the heart of the Arctic Council's work. Working and Expert Groups - along with States, Permanent Participants and Observers - monitor and assess Arctic change, make recommendations and share key findings.

Maps and graphics

  • AMAP - Search maps and graphics from the Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme
  • CAFF - Search map data and other resources from the Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna Working Group
  • The Arctic SDI Geoportal compiles Arctic data from the Arctic Council and other sources in an interactive map of the circumpolar region.


Find Arctic Council photos on flickr.

Most Arctic Council photos are available for non-commercial use according to the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND license. However, please do confirm the license on each individual image before using since some of our older archive images have more restrictive licenses.

If you have questions about photo usage please contact the Arctic Council Secretariat.


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